Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Early release! And other news!!!!

We were released from the RE on the 31st!! We had our ultrasound and Biscuit was looking good, all nestled in the corner with a really strong heartbeat. The nurse tried to get the baby to turn but was not successful; Biscuit was comfy and not turning!

Biscuit looks more like a baby now than before. It's amazing the difference a couple of weeks makes. They grow so fast!! And without further ado, here's Biscuit!
I go to the OB on February 14. I'm excited...but nervous at the same time. I know what to expect at the RE... :)

I've been feeling great the last couple of weeks. I haven't had any sickness at all. I'm so glad that week was a fluke and I haven't been sick since. I was not looking forward to weeks of being that sick.

Onto other news, we had snowmaggedon this week. We ended up with 20" of snow in about 24 hours. Shane has been snowed in at work (who knew a bank was "essential"!?!?!) and we're hopeful he'll get home today. If not, so be it. I tried shoveling yesterday but it was an epic fail. I was successful in the morning but waited to long to do the second round. The snow was deeper than my shovel blade and I couldn't move it. So, the dogs and I are snowed in. Shane is snowed out. It's an interesting predicament! I hope that school is closed again tomorrow; as it is, I won't be getting out tomorrow unless Shane gets home. They plowed the cross street at our house, completely blocking our road. I'd guess the drifts are waist high at the end of our road. I can't get a car out in that!! Betty is completely buried and couldn't clear the drifts even if she wanted to.

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